Blog Entry #n or how I didn’t log my last two years of work

So I started working part time on this Tower Defense prototype some time around April 2015 and plan was to Kingdom Rush kinda TD game but with random generated maps with permadeath, something rogue-like minus the dungeon crawler.

I guess by September/October 2015, I completed a very basic gameplay where the users can install weapons towers along the road using some gold they are given for the first run, the AI units moving towards the user “Home” base, combat between the AI and towers & the Hero which the user can control.

Around November/December I started looking for ways to implement the procedurally generated path but was not happy with the paths generated - when they were getting generated properly. I rather decided to focus on fixing some of progression blocks I had come across in the game and look in PG later. Well I got busy learning Unreal, my day job and/or working on other stuffs in the game. Maybe I’ll have a separate post “later” for what I researched and what I implemented in procedural generation.

This looks like big wall of text and only one pic, I’ll add one random screenshot of the game and talk about Kenney’s assets and beautification of the game in the next post.

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