Asset Jesus & Beatification

I mean beautification!

I came across Kenney’s tile assets some years back and while the game was coming out great, it looked ugly af visually as I was using Unity’s default plane for ground and roads and cubes and cylinders for weapon towers - though still using cubes and cylinders for enemy units. 

Kenney, or Asset Jesus as he known on /r/gamedev had some sale on his site and was seling Kenney Game Assets 2 dirt cheap and had great collections of tower defense assets.

Replacing my ground and roads with tiles was trivial as I was already using grid system for spawning weapon towers and Player Hero and looked visually rich and decent enough that I can show the progress thus far to other people.

One Problem And The Solution: Designing maps in Unity using the tiles was pain in the ass. To make the process of creating new maps, I decided to use Tiled Map Editor by Thorbjørn Lindeijer, which is pretty simple to use and create tile maps and saves the map. I’ll have a separate post for the Tiled Map Editor and the utility I wrote to use those maps in Unity to generate 3D maps.

And this is how the map I mentioned in the previous post looks like tiled,

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