State of the Game, Nov ‘17

So Mr. Fork Parker asks, “What’s the game up to?!?!?!?”

To be honest, that’s a good question. What the game up to? Let’s break down what I’m doing currently with the project,

Code Restructuring

So when I started working on the project, I was not planning for a full game, it was supposed to be a small prototype-esque for whatever reason, but it did turned into a big ass working project, and to some extent, a proper game. The problem rose when I realized that lot of code related to AI units, Player Hero and its friends were getting duplicated because I forgot to plan the classes with proper design patterns before all this became serious. I’ve restructured most of classes to reduce the code duplication as much as possible. I’ll post one more post to explain what I was doing earlier and how I reduced the complexities by breaking down classes to bare minimum.

Game Design & Level Design

The dreaded game design! From sometimes I’m stuck with the expanding the game, trying to add more gameplay elements to make sure the game doesn’t start to feel grind-y. I’m planning on taking up the procedural generation stuffs again and see if I can come up with a way to generate proper maps. Also I was thinking of adding a small backstory in the game to make a better sense of all this.

So TL;DR, game coming fine, fixing and restructuring the code base, so going forward i don’t have to worry about code duplication and also looking into ways of generating maps procedurally.

I’ll have one follow up post to this, to explain how I’m restructuring the code.

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